You already have a great website and want to make a quick update to it, but your web administrator is nowhere to be found.  He take days—or even weeks!—to get back to you to handle your request. By then, it’s too late to even post the special event or limited-time-only pricing that you had planned for your business.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to update your website…add exciting new product information…highlight an upcoming promotion… whenever and however you wanted?

With a Lemon Tree Web Design template, you can do just that! The best part is that you don’t need to struggle with complex web code or HTML text—if you are familiar with computer basics like surfing the net, emailing or using a simple Word document, you have the tools to be your very own webmaster.

After we handle the initial template set-up and provide you with a one-hour training session, you will have the freedom and flexibility you always wanted with your website (but we are also here to help when you need us!).


Maybe you are in need of a website, or would like to spruce up your existing website but worry that it is cost-prohibitive. The appeal of a Lemon Tree Web Design template is that the hard part (and most expensive step from a web designer’s point of view) is eliminated: the templates already exist, and are ready for us to customize and specially build to suit your own specific needs. The result is a professional-looking, affordable website that you’ll be able to easily maintain on your own and update as needed. In fact, this website you are viewing right now was built using one of our templates!

Lemon Tree Web Design provides the answer to all of your doubts and worries about having your own website. With our help, your very own website will be up and running in no time at all!

Whatever your business, we have a template to act as a building block for your perfect website. All of the features listed below can be applied to any template you choose—this provides just a sampling of the options that are available for you to mix-and-match to create your very own customized website.


The Lemon Tree Web Design team is
based in the beautiful Sarasota, Florida
area. Our goal is to help you create your
very own website by using a highly
functional, surprisingly affordable and easy-to-understand template.


Online Merchant Template
Features that may interest you: Directory of Products,The PayPal Interface, Contact Page

Restaurant/General BusinessTemplate
Features that may interest you: Splash Page, Photo Albums, FAQ Page, Advertisements & Logos

Entertainer Template
Features that may interest you: Video/Audio Player Page, Actor's Resume Page, Podcasts, Countdown Timers

Realtor Template
Features that may interest you: Directory of Properties with Search Capabilities, Slideshows, Directory of Staff, Loan Calculator

Non-Profit Organization Template

Features that may interest you: Announcements, Full-Page Calendar, Newsletter, Web Poll